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The new year has come once again and many homeowners are thinking about what needs to be done around the home. It will soon be time for a good Spring cleaning.

At this time of year, we will soon start to open up windows and let fresh air in after being cooped up during wintertime. Our homes can get closed up during the cold months, and the air in our homes can become quite polluted with the same air recirculated over and over again.

A lot of heating units don’t provide enough air filtration to sufficiently clean the air that flows through our heating ducts, which causes problems in the duct work and elsewhere. Most heating and air systems only do the minimum in trapping air pollutants or contaminants.

With regular air filters, only a certain amount of dust and allergens can be collected and removed from your air. Unless an efficient air cleaning system is installed, most of us live with what’s in the air, and by Spring time our air is quite dirty.

Much of the dust, dirt, and pollutants gets trapped in our air duct systems. It’s important to get these contaminants cleaned out so that they don’t build up and cause health problems for you or your family and visitors.

Dust, dander, mildew, dirt, mold, and more can cause serious problems for people who suffer from allergies, asthma, COPD, or other lung issues. If the quality of your air is poor, it can affect everyone breathing the air.

Cleaning out the air ducts will do much to keep your air clean, but you also need to consider a better air filtration system that can not only keep your ducts in better shape but can remove contaminants that are harder to filter out.

Dryer vent can also be cleaned out when you have your duct system cleaned. Dryer vents are notorious for creating much air pollution in homes.

Dryer hose connections are usually not air tight and dryers can be bought and sold several times before anyone thinks about having the vent system cleaned. Not many people know you can and should clean out dryer vents in order to keep your air cleaner. Dryer vent fires are common.

Vacuuming regularly is a good idea, however it is effective for keeping the air from pollutants only if the vacuum is properly manufactured to not put the pollutants back into the air when running. Many vacuum cleaners throw pollutants right back into the air and only filter out a fraction.

With a good vacuum, you should also be able to vacuum your bare floors. Vacuuming instead of sweeping will help to rid the air of pollutants as well.

And don’t forget that during spring is a great time to air out rugs, wash and dry blankets or comforters, clean out closets, and more that can also help to keep your home from air pollution.

Be sure to brush pets daily if they come inside, and brush them outside so the content in their fur doesn’t get transferred to the air inside your home.

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More Tips on Air Cleaners

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