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Your Air Conditioner: Replace or Repair?

dallas-fort-worth-ac-repairsIn DallasĀ and the surrounding Texas area, both blazing summer and freezing winters are a reality. The last thing you want during extreme temperatures is for your air conditioner to break down. This is not just an inconvenience; it’s a matter of home security for both you and your family. Even the most well-built air conditioners require service and repair and will eventually break down over time. Eventually you’ll ask when is it time to replace the old Dallas air conditioner? This question is not easily answered, as there are several factors to keep in mind when considering what to do. Here are some suggestions in order to help you make an informed decision.

Energy – Efficiency

The most important concern is always expense. How much is it going to cost you to run your air conditioner throughout the year. During the summer and winters in Texas, most homeowners discover that their air conditioner will be running almost all day. With this in mind, you need to monitor your energy bill each month to see if it seems reasonable or if it is too high. Check with your local utility company to find how much you should be paying each month for a house of your size. They can help you determine if you’re paying too much.

Cost of Repair vs. Replacement

Once again, how much you’ll ultimately be paying out is a huge factor. If it seems that you are paying too much to keep your current HVAC system alive, then you may need to purchase a newer energy efficient unit. If you’re old equipment repairs are more than half of the system’s overall value, then you’ll want to look into a brand new unit. Remember, when an AC is over ten years old, it will begin to wear out no matter how much money you spend to keep it running. Determine the age of your air conditioner, how much money you’re investing, and then decide if you need to change it out for a new one.

Routine Maintenance Makes a Difference

The difference between a healthy Dallas air conditioning system and one that’s poorly running is, without a doubt, the amount of regular care you provide for it. It is suggested that you have your equipment serviced at least once a year, and preferably before summer and winter. Routine maintenance minimizes both energy and repair costs and gives your air conditioner long life. If you have been taking care of the equipment, but you find a major repair is imminent, then you may only need to repair your system and move on without any major incidents. Remember, your AC’s dependability is key.

Consult A Professional

If you are unsure whether you need a system replaced or not, it’s always highly recommended that you consult with an experienced professional. Make sure you hire a reputable company that is state licensed and complies with all state and local regulations. This way you’ll get an accurate assessment and an honest answer. A certified company can give your system a point by point inspection and tell exactly what the best solution is.

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