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Dallas, Tx Air Conditioning Tune Ups To Help Prevent Breakdowns

Your Dallas, Texas home probably has an air conditioning system with heat pump, which is the most common central air conditioning system in the area. The outside unit is the condenser (or heat pump) and the inside an air handler. The outside unit as well as the inside unit make up your air conditioning and heating system.

Your home is cooled because it removes heat from the indoor air and transfers it to the outdoors via a refrigerant line.

First, your indoor unit will take the warm air in your home from a large vent (which is usually where your air filter will be located) and passes it over coils that are filled with cooled refrigerant. That cool air is blown through the ventilation in your home to cool the air in the home. The coils with refrigerant are at a warmer temperature when that process is completed. The refrigerant then continue through a line that feeds to the outdoor unit.

Your outside unit, or condenser, consists of condenser coils that hold refrigerant and are wrapped around the unit, and covered with fins that help to disperse heat.

The outside unit is fed by this refrigerant line which also wraps around the outside unit wall and has a layer of fins surrounding it. The fan on the outside unit pulls air through the outer layer of fins and refrigerant coils, cooling them even further. The fan that pulls air through the outer layer then pushes the hot air straight up into the atmosphere.

The condenser coil and fins of the outside unit are key factors in how well your air conditioning unit is working. If the fins are damaged, your system is likely laboring to work well because it’s not able to get rid of that hot air properly.

Things can really get messed up if your outside unit has to sit for ages without getting any attention. Eventually, it has to be replaced. But there are plenty of ways you can increase the lifespan of your air conditioner, and one of the most effective ways is to ensure it’s clear of debris and mechanically tuned-up.

Everything mechanical needs to be tuned-up regularly to be maintained and increase longevity. Yet the air conditioning and heating system is one of the most neglected mechanical systems there are. This is likely because owners don’t understand how much longer they can make the system last if kept in good repair. Plus, an owner will spend way less on repairs along the way.

Tune ups will ensure your outside as well as inside unit is thoroughly inspected for any problems. You’ll want to be sure you get details so you know what to expect out of the unit in the next few years, or whether repairs should be continued or if it’s better to just replace it now if it’s going to cost more and more in the near future to keep it running.

Either way, you’ll get an honest inspection and report if we handle your air conditioning tune ups here at Unlimited Air Conditioning and Heating. Call our number below to learn more about how you can avoid costly air conditioning repairs with our tune up services!

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